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 Moonlight Gardeners of North Texas


Moonlight Gardeners of North Texas
About Moonlight Gardeners PDF Print E-mail

Who are the Moonlight Gardeners?

We are a group of people who are passionate about gardening but cannot meet during the day like other garden clubs.  Our membership is comprised mostly of working people, moms with kids at home, or the chronically over-scheduled!  Through our monthly programs, we learn about different aspects of gardening for flowers, bushes, vegetables and conservation in our challenging climate and times.  One of our favorite projects is a plant swap within the club because of the overabundance of plants in our personal gardens.   Typically, we plan garden tours or field trips for which we'd likely never have made the time without the planning our club provides.  But best of all, we make new friends with people who share our passion for gardening and understand and support the life processes of our beautiful Earth.

Message from the President PDF Print E-mail

June 2014

The Moonlight Gardener’s of North Texas is a Chapter sponsored by the Plano Garden Club.

Our Goal

Moonlight Gardeners of North Texas (MGNT) is organized around our common interests in gardening and community service.

Our goal is to learn together through inspiring and educational programs and speakers; to share our plants, our knowledge and our efforts to make a positive impact in our community; and to have fun as we develop new relationships around our common interests.

Conjuration Iris PDF Print E-mail

This beautiful iris is a pass along plant from Debbie Doyle, and is now blooming it's head off in both our gardens! It's name is Conjuration.

conjurationWhite standards tinted pale blue/lilac towards edges.  White falls with a 3/4 in wide rim of purple-violet.  A spaceager iris with a fuzzy white horn extending from the orange beard. Striking, excellent form. Vigorous with 8 - 12 buds.
Sally Mallory

Clematis Vine PDF Print E-mail

The word clematis comes from the Greek word “klema”, which translates as “climbing”. Clematis are originally from northern regions of the United States and the United Kingdom. There are over 405 different varieties of clematis, which are perennials, each with their own requirements, growth habits and colors. Mine blooms proliferous in late spring, with beautiful double purple/blue blooms with a white center.


When blooming, it is a showpiece! They will bloom again throughout the summer, although the succeeding blossoms are fewer and tend to be single blooms. Clematis plants are light in weight and do not need an overly strong support. I have mine planted in a pot with a 5’ wire trellis for support. If planting in the ground, you could also plant them next to a wall or fence. It is important to plant them slightly away from the wall – about 18 inches, so that the roots can receive a good amount of water from the soil. It is important not to let the roots dry out during growth; lack of moisture will do the most harm to your plants. During the Texas heat, I water well and provide some afternoon shade.

Ruthann Wessler

Little Gem Magnolia PDF Print E-mail
Scientific Name: Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem'
Little Gem Magnolia Tree FlowerThe Little Gem Magnolia is found throughout central Florida and west to Texas. The Little Gem Magnolia has a narrow, compact and upright growth habit. The Little Gem Magnolia is recognized for its prolific flowering that lasts 6 months of the year. The Little Gem Magnolia produces large fragrant creamy white saucer shaped flowers that are 8 inches wide. The leaves on a Little Gem Magnolia are stiff and leathery with a deep glossy green color on top and a bronze-brown fuzzy underside. These qualities allow the Little Gem Magnolia to have tremendous versatility from tall screens to framing accents.
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